Friday, July 25, 2008

WWE Diva Melina updates......

Image Hosted by After her little run in with Beth Phoenix, Melina has acutely angry face. I achievement that is the case and not a swerve, because I anamnesis account about Melina afore she came to the WWE. Melina said that she capital to be a role archetypal to the adolescent latinas. Well now she absolutely can. The bad affair is, that on June 23, 2008 Melina afflicted her abate if she fell from the turnbuckle in a bout area she and Mickie James took on Natalya and Victoria. Nothing absolutely accurate yet, but the rumor is that she either burst her heel or tore ligaments in her abate and will acceptable charge surgery. BTW, did you apperceive Melina is allegedly seeing Batista? Image Hosted by


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