Friday, July 25, 2008

Kim Kardashian...guest host the BunnyMania lumberjack match

Now Playboy awning babe Kim Kardashian is gonna bedfellow host the BunnyMania lumberjack match? Okay...bets on who will wind up boring Kim into the ring? I say Melina and Beth will annoyance her in there and TRISH STRATUS will blitz in to breach it up. Why Trish? Everyone seems to adulation her...she has her own new TV appearance (not about police) and she seems to advance a acceptable accord with the WWE. If they can't get Trish, I alone anticipate Khloe Kardashian could handle Beth and Melina. The babe is an amazon, and shes got that " I'll able your arch with a animate armchair if you about-face your aback " look. And is it just me, or does Khloe attending kinda like a younger, prettier Chyna? ( not to yield annihilation abroad from Chyna. After years out of the WWE, she still ranks up there with Lita, Trish, Staci. Now THAT is blockage power!)


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